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  • Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.

  • Donations

    Mountain Zen Practice Center is a nonprofit organization supported by donations. There are no rules or “shoulds” about donations, but people will often ask how much is enough, prompting us to offer the following as a guideline: There is a “right” amount for you to give. Follow your intuition. If you give too much, it won’t feel right. If you give too little, it won’t feel right. Either way, you will have second thoughts. Somewhere between those two points is the middle way and it often changes. One time $5 feels like too much, another time $50 doesn’t feel like enough. Whatever the amount, donations are never to be thought of as payment for services.

  • Faith and trust grow with practice. We can relax in to life’s utterly impersonal unconditional love. We can feel the stress of trying to figure it out, trying to get it right, of believing we should know or that there’s something to know or someone to know it drain from our body, mind, and emotions. As we learn simply to be in meditation, we know how simply to be in life…and that is worth practicing!
    —Cheri Huber