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  • Family Karma Retreat

  • a 5-day retreat with

  • Cheri Huber and Ashwini Narayanan

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  • April 15–20, 2019
    Sanctuary In the Pines, Flat Rock, North Carolina

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    Each of us can tell “our story.” But is it a true story?

    In this retreat, we explore how this “story of me,” this notion of “who I am,” was created as karma and conditioning collided in family, through actual information or inference and assumption. We will explore how this “notion of self” unconsciously operates and robs us of being present to the life that is possible.

    As we practice seeing the “story of me” for what it is, we will use the tools of practice to transcend the story and explore what we truly are.

    Join Cheri and Ashwini for a journey of seeing karma and the freedom beyond. This exciting adventure will include yoga, meditation, guidance with Cheri, and delicious food in beautiful surroundings.

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