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  • When You’re Falling, Dive

  • a 5-day retreat with

  • Cheri Huber and Ashwini Narayanan

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  • April 9–14, 2018
    Sanctuary In the Pines, Flat Rock, North Carolina

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    Awareness is the greatest agent for change.
    —Huang Po

    A practice of awareness is really a practice of surrender, of letting go everything that stands in the way of experiencing Life as it is. We’re taught to believe that we need to hold on to this and push away that. But that’s just not true. Clinging and resisting simply perpetuate suffering.

    As practitioners of awareness, we are on a quest to encounter everything we need to “accept, embrace and let go.” On this retreat, the subject of our exploration will be emotions, especially those labeled “negative.” We will explore the notion that it’s not the feeling we’re having that’s a problem, it’s judgments about that feeling. We could be feeling anything, and if we were not being told by a conversation in conditioned mind that it’s wrong in some way, there would be no problem.

    Bringing our feelings into the light of conscious compassionate awareness is how we turn an ego fall into a graceful, exciting dive.

    Through Zen stories and practice exercises, in the safety and intimacy of the privileged environment, allow yourself to dive deeply into those emotions that you’ve never been allowed truly to examine. Practice cultivating the attitude of unconditional acceptance that liberates you from the clinging and resisting that perpetuates suffering.

    This retreat, facilitated by Cheri and Ashwini, will include yoga, delicious vegetarian meals, and individual guidance with Cheri. The retreat will be held in the lush and beautiful grounds of Sanctuary in the Pines in North Carolina.

    Join us in discovering, through meditation and the practice of Conscious Compassionate Awareness, how to be the joyful, enthusiastic and lit-up humans that we authentically are.

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